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Coburn Mystery: Chapter 24 (Original Draft)

[While this original draft may be messy, it does contain more details and research than the edited version.] By June Morrall The Steeles moved from Ohio to California in 1855, first farming in Marin and Sonoma County. Seven years later … Continue reading

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(Photo courtesy John Vonderlin)

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Terry & La Honda on TV

Friends, The house and I were on TV, along with Bob Dougherty, and other Local Folks – Channel 5, Eye On The Bay, on 1/22. You can view the clip on the WEB, here: Once you get to that … Continue reading

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….Celebration in Pescadero….

(Photo: Courtesy Tony Pera.)

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South Coast Beaches: Neptune's Body Farm…Story by John Vonderlin

I’ve combined many of those remnants with various natural oddities that I consider Natural Wonders to illustrate the dissonance created by the littering that is occurring in some of the most beautiful natural settings I’ve ever encountered, that is along … Continue reading

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The Coburn Mystery: Chapter 23 (Original Draft)

By June Morrall When San Francisco experienced growing pains, Pigeon Point felt the pressure and nearby Pescadero’s rich bottom lands turned into a thickly planted potato patch. The potatoes were popularly called “Irish oranges.” Author/adventurer Colonel Albert S. Evans wrote … Continue reading

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The Coburn Mystery: Chapter 22 (Original Draft)

By June Morrall The wharf and a small port community grew up at Pigeon Point Landing before construction of the lighthouse. A warehouse, cheese factory and a post office were built. On one of the bluffs, Portuguese whalers, and their … Continue reading

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….Cool Arch Pix…..

┬áStory/Photos by John Vonderlin (email John: Hi June, As I mentioned previously, before hitting Ano Nuevo Beach and Bradley Beach last week I stopped by the Acid Beach area to check it out. I’m thinking of trying to reach … Continue reading

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Beautiful but Cruel Sea…………….Story by John Vonderlin

Story by John Vonderlin (email John: Hi June, My first expedition to photograph as many of the Sea Arches of San Mateo’s coast as possible didn’t turn out in the way I had hoped. Having shot pictures of an … Continue reading

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Leah Lubin Says: Let's Get This Party Started….

To: Everybody From Leah Lubin (email Leah: < In the art world, sometimes it takes a long time for the right door to open. Last Saturday, I finally got to meet the owner and curator of the Beat Museum, click … Continue reading

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